Students nearly get out of homework by trying to close app

Wuhan, in Chinawas put on lockdown on January 23 in an attempt to contain the virus over 200 million students did not go to school and started taking classes online.

Classes were conducted using a remote learning app, DingTalk. On Day 1 DingTalk had 50 million student users, and 600,000 teachers.

Children across China realised that they could get DingTalk kicked off of the App Store if it had a low rating, so in a mass effort they gave the app one star reviews.

DingTalk received more than 15,000 one-star reviews on February 11. Days later, five-star reviews started pouring in from users angry at the kids for the low ratings.

Kids were able to drop the app’s rating from 4.9 to 1.4 overnight, and DingTalk was forced to plead with them to stop.


Post Author: Alex Dance

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