Tik Tok breaks the internet

Tik Tok becomes super popular

Tiktok has definitely broken the internet in the last two years and will probably for years to come. In early 2020, late 2019 TikTok really started to take the world by storm, by absolutely blowing up and becoming one of the most downloaded apps ever. Some people think there are 1.1 billion active TikTok users […]

Area 51 base

Area 51 raid

This started off a facebook event about people saying they were going to raid the very secretive U.S. military base in Nevada, Area 51. More than 2 million people RSVP’d and then it spread like wildfire. In the end on September 20 2019 the day of the raid. A music festival happened and only about […]

iphone deals

Should mobile phones be allowed in schools

My son is in year 7 and I understand that students can sometimes have their phone open in the class and students can also freely use their phone at lunchtime and other times in the school. I propose that school ban all mobile phones in the classroom and in the playground. What actually happens in […]

Coronavirus NSW Forecast

The statistician in me couldn’t help doing a forecast on the 22nd of March Coronavirus new cases in NSW are currently going up approximately 200% (or doubling) every 4 days. Actions are being put in place to stop the increases. Depending on your view of the actions and people’s attitude these scenarios are either a […]

The Selfie Seen Round The World

The Selfie Heard ‘Round The World     Celebrities love taking selfies, and usually they don’t become viral sensations or even come close to breaking the internet. However, when Ellen DeGeneres hosted the 2014 Oscars, she took a selfie with all her friends, like many people would. However, her friends included the likes of Brad […]

The Dress That Was Blue/Black Or White/Gold

1. The Dress That Was Blue/Black Or White/Gold     “The Dress” is a photograph that was posted on Tumbler and became a viral internet sensation in the year 2015, with a question: Was this dress blue and black or white and gold? This began the widespread arguments on the web. In spite of the fact […]

Steve Harvey Calls Out The Wrong Winner

9. Steve Harvey Calls Out The Wrong Winner     During the Miss Universe 2015 Pageant, Steve Harvey mistakenly called out the wrong winner. For that moment there, Miss Philippines almost appeared to be coming with first runner-up status to Miss Columbia. Miss Columbia already was wearing the crown and had her winning walk onstage. […]